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The Harmonic Egg is a wooden, egg shaped chamber designed to de-stress the body. The experience is a restorative emotional and physical response to the combination of geometry, light and sound.   The frequencies, vibration, sound and coloured light create a soothing, sonic massage that helps to promote a sense of inner well-being and can bring the body back into balance.

The Harmonic Egg is built with a precise, geometric dodecagon outer shape and a smooth, inner mahogany shell to enhance the acoustics. Cutting-edge technology is woven into the ancient wisdom of sound, light and geometry.


The Harmonic Egg is a peaceful and often euphoric experience. Some clients find relief after just a few sessions, while others find its healing energetic properties valuable enough to continue with regular 



The Harmonic Egg is a dodecagon shaped chamber, constructed of wood. This unique, geometrical egg shape harnesses and focuses energy directly to your body while you are resting comfortably in the adjustable reclining chair. The effects in the Harmonic Egg are a result of the combination of the mathematical precision of the geometric design, the high quality sound, vibration and coloured light that create an energetic 360 degree experience.  The light colours and music are each intentionally selected after an in-depth consultation with the facilitator and are personally tailored to address your specific wellness goals.


To start: 


Your 90-minute appointment starts with an in-depth consultation to determine the best light and sound pairing for you based on your specific wellness goals.


You will then sit in the reclining chair in the middle of the egg and your facilitator will adjust it to the exact position that feels comfortable for you.




Once the door is closed, your 50-minute immersion in colour and sound begins. There is a doorbell in a pocket on the side of the chair that you can easily reach if you need the facilitator at any time during your session.

The last 10 minutes of your session are without music to allow your body to adjust and absorb all of the frequencies and vibration you have been experiencing.


A gentle chime will signal the end of your session., and the facilitator will soon open the door.

After your session, we allow you time to talk about your experience inside the egg if you wish to discuss further.  Clients often need a little bit of time to reorient and feel centered before leaving.  Also, we give you an all natural, highly effective electrolyte drink to sip on to help hydrate your body and assist with the cleansing process.

“The most beautiful thing that we can experience is the Mysterious."  Albert Einstein  



Music has long been known to have therapeutic properties.  Indigineous people have recognized the power of the didgeridoo and drumming for thousands of years.  All cultures worldwide love music and have their own stories about the healing, universal nature of music and how it brings community together.


Many researchers have identified the following:

• Piano may be used to bring the nervous system into balance.

• Drumming may support the immune system. Didgeridoo might give relief for bones and muscles.

• Flute may be used for anger and resentment issues, insomnia and liver issues.

• Bells and violin may bring the heart chakra into balance and support emotional health.

• Harp may be used for depression.

• Nature sounds may work on the DNA.


An important aspect of the energy therapy provided by the Harmonic Egg® is the music specially selected to provide optimal resonance. Acoustic sounds of piano, drums, flute and other instruments combine to create inner balance.  Some of the music used in the Harmonic Egg was created and produced exclusively for use within the Egg.  Our Canadian distributor of the Harmonic Egg, Paige Clark, is one of the phenomenal musicians that have been commissioned by the inventor of the Egg to create soothing songs in specific musical tones for chakra balancing and to intentionally target various issues. For example, Paige created Egg music that was recorded at 4:00am in the Port Abino Forest near the shores of Lake Erie to capture the nature sounds as accompaniment to her lovely cello and piano pieces to calm the nervous system.

The vibration of love is the foundational intent for all of the instrumental music chosen for use with the Egg. Your facilitator selects the music for each session based on what you would like the Egg to work on during your experience.


There are several commissioned songs for the Egg that are on the usb drives that are all available for you to purchase at Foothills Harmonic Egg.  These are helpful for clients who would like to have extra, musical support with some  high vibe, quality songs while they are integrating the shifts experienced in between Egg sessions.


All of the music that is used for Egg sessions are recorded in the highest quality format of FLAC or .wav files to ensure that the most bioavailable sound is provided to the listener.  To learn more about the commissioned music used inside the Harmonic Egg available on USB drives for purchase, go to the blog to see an article that Gail Lynn wrote entitled, “What Egg Music is Right for You”.


“Music is a way to express our feelings when we have no words.  Music is a way for us to understand things with our hearts when we can’t with our minds. 


Music is the understanding of the relationship between invisible internal objects.  Music allows us to move around those big invisible pieces of ourselves and rearrange our insides so that we can express what we feel even when we can’t talk about it.”

Dr. Karl Paulnack - Director of the Boston Conservatory


  • What is energy medicine?
    This quote is a succinct definition: “Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche.” – David Feinstein, Ph.D. Data suggests that energy therapy balances the Autonomic Nervous System, detoxes the body, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and clears trauma at a cellular level. Prolonged stress puts your nervous system in a continual state of fight or flight. When you are stuck in this stressed state, your organs become overworked and your immune system weakens. When your immune system loses strength, it makes you more susceptible to illness. When you give yourself permission to be in a safe, private energetic space, your body can restore itself naturally. The resonant frequency used by the Harmonic Egg® has an ability to detect the vibration of your energetic body and imbalances. These imbalances are harmonized with the exact opposite frequency. It is a safe, non-invasive, natural and repeatable experience.
  • How do I prepare for my sessions?
    First, we do NOT recommend having any other type of energy healing session for 5-7 days prior to and 5-7 days after your scheduled session. Other energy healing modalities might include acupuncture, Reiki, cranial sacral, qigong or the Emotion Code. This time frame may vary depending on the modality. Ultimately, we recommend to tune in to your own intuitive guidance on how long to wait before scheduling or rebooking another Egg session. It is a good idea to increase your normal water intake for several days after your session because your body and energy field will be adjusting and possibly cleansing. Drinking coconut water, lemon water or high quality, natural electrolytes can also give your body and mind a boost and help the extra water you are drinking to flush out toxins. We recommend drinking 60 to 90 ounces of water daily for 5-7 days post session.
  • How many sessions should I schedule?
    People benefit most when they schedule a series of sessions together. If you are wanting to work on the mental and physical effects of mild to moderate stress, that might be 3 to 4 sessions. If you are dealing with a chronic health condition, you might need 8 to 10 sessions to observe what the egg can do for you. We offer discounted prepaid packages and memberships that reduce your price per session.
  • Is the Harmonic Egg covered under medical insurance?
    Energy healing modalities like Harmonic Egg sessions are not covered by medical insurance, but they might be covered under your Health Spending Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). If you have a Health Spending Account, you might want to find out if relaxation therapies are covered with your policy. The deep relaxation experienced in the Egg may help to reduce stress and contribute to rebalancing the autonomic nervous system.
  • What is a remote Distance Harmonic Egg session?
    The Harmonic Egg is an energy healing modality, which means that it also works at a distance. Energy does not have time and space boundaries, so you can be sitting in the comfort of your home and receive the benefits of this powerful healing energy. If travelling to our Foothills location is not convenient due to distance, mobility restrictions or health concerns, this Harmonic Egg session might be the best choice for you. The Distance Harmonic Egg session allows the recipient, you or your pet, to receive the Egg energy instantaneously from anywhere around the world. Einstein referred to this curious quantum effect as "spooky action at a distance". Sessions are basically the same as a regular Harmonic Egg session with 40 minutes of music and coloured light and then 10 minutes of silence. The steps for the remote process are very simple. Once you book your session, send us a recent photo by email or text. We place your photo with your birth name and birth date on the back and place your photo inside the harmonic chamber. The Egg does the rest. Easy! Prior to placing your photo in the Egg, we will call you to create your customized distance session with the music and colours that will address your intention for the session. You commit to being in a safe, quiet place during that time to lie or sit for 50 minutes. You may also want to listen to the Harmonic Egg music while you relax in your remote location (audio recordings are available for purchase through Foothills Harmonic Egg). We will call you 5 minutes after your photo has been removed from the egg to follow up with you. The appointment may be up to 90 minutes and includes pre-session and post-session phone calls.
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I first heard about the Harmonic Egg September, 2021 in the most unusual way that forever changed my life.  When I called an unrelated USA company that day to inquire about how to ship a book to Canada, the beautiful lady on the order line had an intuitive feeling that she needed to tell me about something.  She said that she had only told one other person about something called the Harmonic Egg, but felt that it was important to share with me that Canada now has the “Egg”, a new energy healing sound and light therapy.  I immediately called the nearby Harmonic Egg center that had opened a couple of weeks before and there had just been a cancellation for the next week.  Because of my previous training as a certified Bioacoustic Practitioner, I knew that this sound and light technology was special and I didn’t need to ask any questions about it prior to having my direct experience.  After watching a video interviewing the inventor of the Harmonic Egg, Gail Lynn, I was surprised to learn that her mentor had the exact same certification and training that I did in sound, color and frequency.   Mark and I took the leap and added our name to the waiting list for a Harmonic egg delivery March of 2023.


Fast forward to February of 2022. I get a call from the Canadian distributor of the Harmonic Egg, Paige Clark, indicating that there is an opportunity to accelerate our timeline of egg delivery to May of 2022.  Paige initiated Canadian Manufacturing in January and this created an opening for early hatching.  We decided to say “Yes!”  to the universe and started to prepare for the third homegrown Egg’s arrival and Foothills Harmonic Egg was born.


I have been driven for over 25 years to discover real solutions to help people meet their wellness goals.  My passion started as an herbalist looking primarily at nutrition for answers to symptoms, but my path soon brought me to look at health in a holistic way and go deeper to the root of what could be causing both physical and emotional pain.  I started questioning the black-and-white model of health that I was taught as an herbalist. Through my own experience and those of some of my chronically ill clients, herbs and supplements were ultimately acting as an upgrade to the medications they had been taking prior to starting an herbal program.  Herbs and nutrition can be essential components to restoring balance in the body, but if you have to continue to take the same supplements for the rest of your life and it is only making a partial difference, have you fully explored the root cause of what is going on? How is stress in your life keeping your body in a holding pattern?


My passion to find answers pulled me towards the Journey Method accreditation and more recently certification in the Emotion Code.  These emotional release energy modalities are simple and yet powerful and demonstrate that our bodies are always communicating with us about the stress that we carry around with us.   Some symptoms can disappear instantaneously when you learn what your body is telling you through the emotion being stored there and then releasing it.  I have also personally experienced immediate disappearance of physical symptoms after a single session in the Harmonic Egg. That being said, many issues require multiple sessions to see improvement and involve a wholistic approach that addresses diet, movement and what is creating stress in your life.

We are living in a time of great change and uncertainty. The demands of life have a huge impact on our physical, mental and emotional resources.  Stress and its side effects can be felt everywhere; inside and out.  Research from 2008 indicated that up to 90% of primary care doctor visits are related to stress.  The number 1 killer for both men and women is heart diesease and there is no doubt how stress impacts our cardiovscular health.  Deep down in our hearts, I think we know that our most essential need is inner peace and harmony. 


Each body is different in what it needs for rebalancing and often it is a combination of factors that make the difference for real change. When all parts of us are in alignment,  incredible shifts in wellness can occur.


My commitment to you is that I will provide a safe, private, compassionate space for you to reach your goals for health, personal growth and deepening spiritual connection.

My life has been about exploring truth and discovering ways to support vitality, inner peace, and acceptance.  My fascination and experiences with energy, sound, frequency and Consciousness guide my direction and my desire for others to have their own direct experience in the Harmonic Egg.  The Egg creates an opening for you to experience your own body wisdom and essence of Being.  When you start to trust these messages from the body and inner knowing, you see new perspectives and choices you were unaware of before.  Real change starts to happen from within.  "Harmony from Within"


I am passionate about helping people feel better and sharing this powerful technology with our community. There is no limit to the evolution that you can experience partnering with the Harmonic Egg.


Empowering you to listen to your own intuitive wisdom brings me much joy.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions prior to booking your session.  I look forward to meeting you.

From my heart,



Beth Maertens-Poole, B.Ed

Foothills Harmonic Egg

Centre Owner and Facilitator

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accreditated Journey Method Practitioner


BioAcoustic Practitioner 


Mark Maertens-Poole, CPA, CA

Centre Owner


Calgary National Music Centre

Wonderful news to share about the National Music Centre in Calgary. It has launched a permanent Music and Wellness exhibition that taps into the power of music for mental and physical health.  The Centre is planning to continue music therapy and other wellness-related programs.


Bob Marley was ahead of his time saying: 

“One good thing about music, once it hits you feel no pain!”

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you

would have a key to the universe.” 


Nicola Tesla

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