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Nature’s Prescription

Updated: Apr 5

Everyone has stress and trauma in their lives. Doctors agree that stress kills and that chronic stress can break down an otherwise healthy human. Research published back in 2008 showed that up to ninety percent of all primary care doctor visits can be traced back to stress or trauma. I wonder what that percentage is now given what the world is currently going through.

Did you know that physicians in Alberta can write you a prescription for the healing power of nature?

PaRx, an initiative of the BC Parks Foundation, has been approved for all Canadian provinces. See Under PaRx, doctors offer a written prescription for nature. The ideal recommendation is 2 hours a week.

From lowering blood pressure to reducing chronic disease to improving mental health, there is an ever growing amount of research that shows that time spent in nature has a wide range of health benefits.

Also, complimentary Parks Canada Discovery Passes are being given as part of this program. The pass grants admission to 80 sites across Canada including national parks, marine conservation areas and National Historic Sites.

Our Foothills Harmonic Egg location is a serene forest oasis facing the Foothills and the Rocky Mountains. After your Harmonic Egg session, you are welcome to enjoy a little stroll on the paths through the trees to watch the bees buzz around in the orchard, garden and hives, walk our labryinth and fully breath in your own intuitive nature’s prescription.

View from Foothills Harmonic Egg

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