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Harmony from within


Foothills Harmonic Egg offers holistic energy therapies that empower clients to reach their goals for health and well-being, personal growth and spiritual awareness. 

The Harmonic Egg is an innovative sound and light chamber that is designed to create deep relaxation and inner peace. 

Harmonic Egg energy sessions are safe, natural, non-invasive, consistent and repeatable experiences that give the possibility to reduce stress. address health issues, feel deeper levels of joy and be more mindful of the present moment.



The Harmonic Egg is a resonant chamber that creates an ideal environment for deep relaxation and internal alignment.

Sound and colored light sessions can reset the autonomic nervous system and activate your body's own natural ability to energetically balance and restore itself.





Energy therapy using the Harmonic Egg has been shown to be effective for many physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

The Egg may provide relief in a variety of ways.

The Harmonic Egg offers physical, mental, and emotional support for those:​

  • seeking greater mental clarity and focus

  • seeking relief from pain and injuries

  • dealing with illness and disease

  • suffering from depression and having problems sleeping

  • seeking spiritual and emotional balance

  • who have pets that are dealing with health challenges and anxiety

Most people who have busy lives don’t know how to relax and de-stress. When stress levels are high, anxiety can overwhelm you to the point where it becomes your normal state of mind and body.


Clients tell us that they have experienced relief from the stress of PTSD, career, relationship and health-related stress and anxiety.

Relaxation therapies have been shown to improve overall health, including both the body’s ability to rebalance and the mind’s ability to cope better with life stressors and anxiety.

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Stress and Anxiety
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Injury and Disease
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Spiritual Awareness
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Pet Health


I had insomnia for 8 years and had been told by many health care people over the years that it was my adrenals causing too much cortisol. Immediately when discussing this with Gail (Harmonic Egg Practitioner and Owner) she said, it's probably the nervous system and after one session in the egg, my nervous system calmed down and I never had insomnia again. I had been to all kinds of health facilities and modalities trying to heal this, so it was a miracle in my life.


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